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Happy Customers

“Nate came out personally and gave me a bid on a list of small projects I had accumulate over a year or so. Very prompt, friendly, and to the point! His price was fair and he actually started on the work that same day which was amazing! He got everything done in the timeframe he quoted and I ve had no issues with anything he fixed. I ve since then used him for anything I haven t been able to do myself, and it has been money well spent!”

Scott D.

“I built a home a short time ago and after being raked over the coals by another excavation contractor I was fortunate to find Anchored and specifically the owner to do the work of installing a water line. The things that came up, the generous offer, the quality of work and the overall level of care taken was extraordinary. Look…we all know contractors that know how to do things but there is a big huge difference between those that know what theyâ re doing and those that know what theyâ re doing …and show up! I would recommend him for the quality of work, the getting the job done attitude and the attention to detail.”

John E.